“The Mind and Body are connected”

”The Mind and Body are connected”

~ Approaching your mind and body with hands-on diagnosis and treatment ~

Welcome to IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy

Welcome to IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy
IKKYU Corrective Massage Therapy is a remedial massage clinic (Seitai) located in St Leonards, NSW, Australia. IKKYU provides an effective and integrated massage approach that combines various methods such as Japanese Osteopathic Manipulation & Mobilisation Techniques, Sports Therapies, PNF Stretches and Myofascial Techniques based on a Holistic Human Movement Analysis (Human Kinesiology).

It is essential to keep your body as mobile and functional as possible without any discomfort or pain to enjoy every activity involved in your daily life, such as work, entertainment, sports and hobbies over your lifetime. In order to fully functionalize your body, you need to reconsider how important it is to understand your current condition, and to recognize bad habits that you are unaware and the correct posture. Just like the regular car maintenance, our body requires regular check-ups to make sure that every function of our body and mind are on the right track. 


Unfortunately, we do not realize how our body is severely overused unconsciously, or how long our posture and body alignment may have been distorted for an extensive period of time. Moreover, we are not good at listening to the real message that our bodies are trying to send us. All of these cause not only major physical issues but also have a negative psychological impact on us. 


Therefore, at IKKYU, we aim to regain a balanced body condition and alignment while re-educating brain and body to notice the bad “habits” accumulated in daily life together, and we do it together with you in a “three-legged race”.


 “Healing is habit correction”. In order to help your body achieve a better condition, it is important to recognize and improve your daily use of your body and any bad habits that have become ingrained. The positive physical changes that you get from this “awareness” will help you to maximize the enjoyment of all activities that you are involved in and will lead to improvement in the quality of your life.


 If your body is changed, your life itself will change. Everyone can change anytime. So please don’t give up. Why don’t you build a positive body with us? We will do our best to support you to assist your body’s innate ability.

IKKYU: Mission

Ikkyu Mission
ONE REST (IKKYU): To be an oasis of rest and relaxation
ONE QUEST (IKKYU): To stay committed to our quest to provide the best service
ONE CLASS (IKKYU): To provide service with first-class skill and heart
ONE BREATH (IKKYU): To teach how important it is to have a break and take a deep breath

Many people come to IKKYU for the following reasons.

✔ Correction of postural distortion and body alignment

Improvement of movement

Improvement of chronic pain and discomfort in the back, shoulders,
etc and management of symptoms

Chronic tension and fatigue due to excessive stress

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Regular body maintenance

Deep relaxation

Improvement of mental health and concentration

Improvement of overall daily performance

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone in advance.

Are you having a hard time managing your body on your own?

Are you having a hard time managing your body on your own?

If any of the following applies to you, IKKYU could help you.

  • I have tried hospitals, physio, chiropractors, acupuncture, manipulative treatment, massages, personal trainings and etc., but there was no improvement.
  • I have resigned myself to this pain and discomfort staying with me for the rest of my life.
  • People around me, such as friends, family, colleagues and bosses could never understand this pain and physical discomfort.
  • I was told at the hospital that they can find nothing wrong with my bones, but the cause of my discomfort was still not clear.
  • I have been using only painkillers or compresses to relieve the pain temporarily.
  • I just want to get rid of the chronic pain and to enjoy working and my daily activities and improve my overall quality of life.
Six major reasons to choose IKKYU

Six major reasons to choose IKKYU

BECAUSE we take enough time for counselling and examination to clarify the “real cause” of your pain or discomfort. We explain and only begin the treatment after your understanding.

Even though medical technology is more advanced nowadays, many clinics still focus only on the “painful points” where clients are suffering at the moment. This kind of treatment may improve the symptoms somewhat. However, it is just a short-term solution, and this temporary treatment does not lead to a fundamental improvement.


Then what kind of treatments does IKKYU provide? 


At IKKYU, we research what is the real cause of pain and discomfort before
starting treatment. 


We will never give a massage on the affected area as an initial procedure. That’s because the affected area is only a “victim” of the real “criminal”. Which part really needs the treatment? Which part is the real “criminal” causing the pain in the affected area? We begin treatment after fully investigating these questions first.


 Each person has different body characteristics, so treatment methods work differently depending on individual. We have to customise the approach to an individual method for each client.

BECAUSE our treatment is performed by combining multiple treatment theories and technology recognized in Japan and all over the world.

”A treatment without an examination is not a treatment”.


 “The entire body is connected deeply”


These are the important treatment theories and concepts of teachers I respect. 

By pursuing “causes of pain” based on anatomy and examining the entire body with “a holistic way of thinking”, we conduct postural & movement analysis/evaluation. Based on this, we, IKKYU, approach the fundamental root of pain safely and effectively.

BECAUSE we are teaching self-care exercises to build up a body that is less likely to “relapse” while improving the pain.

A therapist is supposed to improve the chronic pain and discomfort. However that is not enough. 


I, an Australian certified fitness personal trainer as well, introduce and teach simple self-care exercises regularly that you can do yourself. My specialized style, “three-legged race”, makes it possible to minimize “relapse”. 

BECAUSE there is no waiting time. As appointment-only system, we do not waste your precious time.

Since each treatment needs to be concentrated, we apply an appointment-only system and take only a limited number of clients per day. 


We take an appointment at your preferred time and confirm it via email or SMS in advance, so you don’t need to wait and will not be disturbed during the session. 

BECAUSE we provide a private room for each client, it is a good atmosphere to feel free asking about any worries or concerns.

In many manipulative clinics or medical offices, massage tables are placed close together of the same space is shared with others, so that it is not easy to confide your worries or concerns frankly. Haven’t you ever had that experience? Actually, I have.


IKKYU provides “treatment in a private room”, so we prepare a good environment to focus to your concern. As they say in general, the mind and body are connected deeply. I believe a relaxing space is necessary mentally and physically. 


 Our private room and massage tables are kept fresh using various kinds of aroma essential oils to induce relaxation. I am also mindful of room light and creating a comfortable atmosphere. We offer the choice of a bright room or darker room. You can adjust it according to your mood of the day, so you can relax both mentally and physically during the treatment.

BECAUSE I will take responsibility for treating your discomfort and worries from beginning to the end as a director and a therapist as well.

In many manipulative clinics or medical offices, multiple doctors and therapists work in one clinic. Everytime you go, a different person is in charge of you, and you are forced to explain your symptoms and concerns many times from the beginning. Haven’t you ever had such an experience?


At IKKYU, we face each client and take responsibility for dealing with all symptoms from beginning to the end. 


We give our best “three-legged race” support to the goal “to graduate”. Any concern about mind or body? Leave it to IKKYU. We will take care of it.


 We look forward to hearing from you.

- Experiences and Messages from IKKYU patients -

I had been suffering from the chronic stiff shoulders since I was a teenager and tried many manipulative treatments and massage, but it’s never been cured. I almost gave up. Honestly, I didn’t have any expectations at first from this clinic. Shige-san, a director at IKKYU, was very easy to talk to, and his warm response made me so relaxed. I explained all my physical problems, and we started an individualized treatment. After a few visits, the stiffness in my shoulders is almost gone! 



I was shocked as Shige-san explained in an easy-to-understand manner about the mechanism of the body which means stiff shoulders cannot be improved by just loosening the painful part. I was surprised that my body changed so much by following the treatment and advice from Shige-san in my daily life. I am thankful to Shige-san so much.


 Ordinary clinics ask clients to keep visiting over a long period, but IKKYU sets a goal “to graduate” and makes a treatment plan on that basis. This is the one of the differences from other clinics. At each visit, Shige-san teaches me how to take proper care for my body. His style is not only passive treatment like ordinary clinics. Shige-san enhances the relationship between client and the therapist, and it involves a close analysis of the client’s experiences to in order to significantly improve true health benefit. This “three-legged race” leads me to understand my body. I was so happy to become self-aware.


Every time I see Shige-san, not only my body but also my heart become lighter, and I gain vigour with each treatment. If you are suffering from physical pain, I would like you to see Shige-san once and receive his good treatment and energy

※ The above are personal impressions and experiences.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone in advance.

How to get IKKYU?

How to get IKKYU?

The nearest station is St Leonards.


Suite 10, 6-8 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065



●By Public Transportation

2,3 minutes on foot from St Leonards Station


Where to park

Canberra Avenue along the railway tracks has parking free of charge for up to 2 hours. Please check the parking sign in case to be safe.

*If you don’t know the location, please contact us by email or SMS by the day before.