About Treatment

About Treatment(サーッビスに関しまして)

Flow of treatment at IKKYU

Introducing the flow of treatment at IKKYU

(We consult and examine sufficiently at initial treatment in order to identify the cause of pain and discomfort before the procedure)


Completion of the confidential client form and counselling

First of all please fill out the confidential client form in order to help us understand your condition. Then we ask you in detail about the pain and discomfort under your worries where, how, and when it started to hurt.


Movement analysis/evaluation

We start by checking what kind of movement causes pain – physical balance and postural condition – based on all information received from the confidential client form and counselling.


Explanation of the current condition and proposed treatment strategy

We explain your current physical condition. We also tell you about what kind of balance your current body is in and how it causes the pain.


Begin treatment

We use a gentle massage approach to muscles and fascia while examining the whole body without doing any harsh massage that makes a cracking sound.


Post-treatment check and confirmation of points for daily life

First, we check the changes before and after the treatment. Then, we advise you about what kind of treatment we will conduct for the next steps, and how often you should visit the clinic ongoing. In addition, we instruct you about the important cautionary points in daily life, and provide simple stretches and physical exercises that can help you relieve the pain by yourself. It is not the end when the pain is gone. We keep aiming to build a body where pain is less likely to recur.


End of treatment

Payment and making an appointment for the next visit. If you have any concerns about the treatment or any issues, please feel free to ask questions.


We Will Do Our Utmost to Give the Best Service to Make Each Client Feel Satisfied for Visiting IKKYU.

Pricing at IKKYU

The following is the treatment fee structure.

(Approximately 75 minutes)


(Approximately 60 minutes )


(Approximately 30 minutes )


Not usually recommended as our treatment always focuses on the whole body approach